How to Get Excellence in Academic Writing?

Published: 19th May 2011
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Academic writing is commonly used to create brochures, newsletters, instruction manuals on how to use a specific electronic/chemical product, product descriptions and various marketing and promotional materials Hence it broadly falls into the category and advertising and marketing copywriting.
Academic writing is totally different from essay and creative writing. It is a misconception that academic writing is too stiff and mechanical. However, there are a few basic characteristics of academic writing, which you must understand before making your mind to create technical write ups.

Requirements of Academic Writing

The requirement is that the information presented must be precise and to the point therefore, these writers make use of objective tone rather than subjective. The academical writing style is strictly utilitarian and emphasizes on clarity, accuracy and corrective-ness, not on elegance and allusiveness like creative or essay writing.

Masters Degree Program Information for Academic Writers
Course Information

Typically, universities offer eight courses to students of MS academic writing. The duration of MS varies from eighteen to twenty four months. During the program, the students are encouraged to interact with communities of writers and pursue internship openings. At the end of the master program, the students are required to present the portfolio of their writing.

Earlier, only a few universities agreed to include MS in Academic Writing as part of their university program but now a number of universities and colleges across the globe are offering the course, realizing its significance in the tech world. Notable names include Portland State University, University of Minnesota, Madonna University, University of Limerick, University of New Mexico and Utah State University.
Academic Prerequisites

Students who intend to enroll in master's level degree program in academic writing should have a bachelor's degree. Preferred candidates will have a degree in a related field, like English, creative writing or journalism. Some universities require students to provide their GRE scores and writing samples for consideration.
Online Technical Writing Courses

Students can also earn online masters degree. In distance learning, the communication between students and teachers is carried out through emails, discussion boards, video conferencing etc. Popular online courses include:

* Content Management
* Computer Software
* Technical Publications
* Digital Communication
* Technological Change
* Consulting
* Creative Writing
* Corporate Communications
* Multimedia

Process of Becoming a Academic Writer

The process of becoming a academic writer includes proficiency acquirement in 2 areas:

1. Knowledge of the targeted technical field
2. Good command over objective style of writing

Academic writing is totally unlike creative or essay writing where you have to develop or expand and idea by giving in your thoughts or analysis. This is a form of professional writing where you have to reports procedures, processes and instructions in a very off handed yet simple manner.

An Academic write up is expected to be neutral, detailed, all explanatory, easy to understand and simple in approach.

To become a good professional, you can begin to read through manuals, prescriptions, guides and FAQs from different resources in your technical area. This would give you ideas about the communication style and language being used. Simultaneously, you can research on the latest products and inventions that are coming out in your field.

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