How to Write a Kissing Scene in a Romance Novel

Published: 16th February 2012
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I’ve heard & read various people say that learning how to write a kissing scene in a romance novel can be a real test and prove to be a challenge. I beg to differ from those authors; writing a kissing scene can be the easiest things to do if you have the ability to visualize and imagine & blend it with experiences of your own.

Without the slightest of doubt, nobody ever forgets his or her first kiss; whether it was good or ended up being a disaster is a whole different thing; either way, you have an experience you can elaborate & develop as a writer. And for those who haven’t had their first kissing experience yet, there are many movie flicks and romantic novels to use as guides.
Developing the Scenario for a Kissing Scene

Here’s how you start to develop a kissing scene; close your eyes, imagine the setting you want your characters to be in and then bring in all your 5 senses and start visualizing everything using your sensory perception.
Let the Characters Hear and Borrow Ideas from Surrounding Sounds

Step in to the shoes of your character and think about all the things you are hearing at that very moment. Could it be the thumping of your heart beat if you’re in bedroom, could it be the chirping of the birds and the rustling of the leaves if you’re in a garden or surrounded by foliage, could it be the hooting of the train whistle if your characters are at a train station or could it be the pouring down of the waterfall if you’re at a more scenic & natural recluse. Not just the surroundings; imagine the sounds you would hear in the kiss such as the smooching and the whimpers from your partner.
Kindle Up the Taste Element

Talk about the savory experience the kiss provides to your characters; the taste of her puckered lips and tongue. But what you want to do is make your experience & occurrence unique with your word choice.
Set the Mood by Improvising on the Visual Details

Visualize all the things your character would see as he or she dives into the kiss; the gloss on her shiny lips, the shyness or craving in her eyes, the trickle of a nervous sweat bead running down her forehead all the way to her mane. Talk about what your character sees in the surrounding environment before he moves close to his woman; the stillness of the night blanketed by the moonlight etc.
Explain the Different Sets and Moods of Touch

start envisaging what it feels like for your character as his lips connect with his woman; the rush of goose bumps, the wave of electricity through the whole body etc. Imagine the intensity that builds up with the passing time; the caress of her hair on your face, the sensation of her fingers running through and groping your hair, your hands around her waist running up & down her body. Also talk about the role the setting plays e.g. the feeling of the head landing softly against the pillow, the wriggling of the body against the bed sheets, the sensation of her breath striking your neck.
Bring Up the Smells in an Aromatic Ambience

You want to make the kiss aromatic and an intense experience. Visualize your focal character smelling the fragrance of her silky hair as he runs his nose down her neck, the aroma of her skin as he traces her jaw line with his nose, the bouquet of the lipstick that layers her lips and the scent of her perfume that sends the focal character in to a trance; lost in that moment for what seems like eternity.

Be creative, feel free and let go off any reservations that you might have as a reader because it will be your choice of words that will provide an entrancing experience to your readers and as readers, they deserve the best.

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