What Are The Job Responsibilities of a Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Published: 06th March 2012
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Basically, the HR admin assistant job description entails providing all forms of administrative support to the senior HR resources of the firm. Hence, it is important for the incumbent to possess certain skills and competencies.
Core Duties and Skills Required
Issue Resolving Capability

Firstly, because the HR admin assistant is required to address basic employee concerns, he or she needs to possess a sense of customer orientation. That requires strong inter-personal skills, and the ability to put others at ease with their issues and concerns.
Effective Employ Communication

Also, quite a lot of time the individual is required to communicate with the employee-base on behalf of the HR dept., which makes it necessary for the HR admin assistant to possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Core Skills and Competencies

Certain skills can be considered as the core of the HR admin assistant job description tasks, primarily because these are the very skills that the management would like to see in the employees. Hence, it becomes important for all HR personnel to become examples of such skill-sets. That firstly entails teamwork. If the HR department wants to promote a sense of unity and teamwork in the organization, it is important for resources in the department to act as teamplayers, including the HR admin assistant. Further, usually because HR tasks are time-oriented eg. payroll processing before the end of the month, the incumbent needs to display time-management and analytical skills.
Duties and Responsibilities

Regardless of the overall corporate structure, there are a few traditional duties and responsibilities that are part of the HR admin assistant job description.

Staffing logistics
Performance Management
Improvisation in tracking systems
Employee orientation, development, and training logistics and recordkeeping
Assistance with employee relationships
Company-wide committee facilitation and participation
Company employee communication
Compensation and benefits administration and recordkeeping
Employee safety, welfare, wellness, and health reporting
Employee services
Maintaining employee files and the HR filing system
Assistance with the day-to-day efficient operation of the HR office

Recruitment and Training

Firstly, the HR admin assistant is responsible for coordinating recruitment and the hiring process. That implies assisting with the recruitment process for full-time or part-time staff, opening recruitments, placing ads, screening applications, arranging interviews, contacting applicants, maintaining all relevant documentation and correspondence, and properly archiving job files.
Preparation of Organizationís Key Performance Measures

Further, the resource needs to assist in the preparation of a key performance measures framework for the HR dept. eg. diversity, turnover analysis, recruitment status etc. Also, the incumbent has to participate in dept. meetings and take notes for management perusal later on.
Employee Based Role

In terms of interactions with employees, or a customer-oriented role, the HR admin assistant needs to answer queries, whether in-person, over the phone or through email. The employee-base role also includes assisting with payroll processing, employment verification letters, taxation calculations etc.
Arrangements for Staff Training

Additionally, the resource needs to make arrangements for staff training sessions, as well as make sure that all the training material required is ready and eventually distributed amongst attendants.
Other Requirements

In some organizations, the HR admin assistant role includes working on a monthly newsletter to be circulated amongst employees, dealing with organizational coverage, star performers etc. From the departmental perspective, the resource needs to gather and analyze data, and then present management with an analysis of the overall HR state of affairs.
Educational Requirements

Most HR administrative assistants can get hired with a high school diploma and learn on the job. Some have prior experience working in an office in capacities such as secretaries or receptionists, and some prefer to obtain a certificate or license from a vocational or trade school. Areas of study for HR administrative assistants typically include typing, computers and data entry.

Because of the multitude of industries that require HR departments, an HR admin assistant job has a lot of scope. However, it is worrisome that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall, employment of HR assistants is projected to fall off by 6 percent from 2008 to 2018. Hence, it is important that individuals willing to get into this line polish and keep adding to their professional credentials.

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