What to Write in an Engagement Card?

Published: 17th November 2011
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Wedding and Engagement Cards Quotes, Wishes and Sayings

Engagements tend to be more subtle and flounder between a relationship phase and a marriage. Engagements are also rarer as compared to the other phases of romantic relationships. It can get a bit puzzling at times when it comes to writing messages of congratulation on engagement cards or presents.

It can be a generic statement or a customized greeting for a couple that has been engaged; the latter requires more creativity. There can be several different forms of expressions that can be used for such wishes and congratulations messages.

Etiquettes for Engagement Cards
How to Write an Engagement or Wedding Card

There is no specific way of writing wishes but it is generally deemed acceptable to include the following in an engagement wish:

A short message is always preferred as the couple would have to read through several messages and one would not want theirs to seem cumbersome and drudging to read through.
It is always nice to include the names of the couple in the message as it adds personalization and a sense of care in the tone of the message. Nobody likes to know that the sender had to write a generic message because they could not remember both names.
Writing a wish for happiness is very common and it is advisable to wish them a fruitful and happy future. It can pertain to their wedding or their post marital life. It adds the warmth to the message that every person expects when they make such an important decision in their lives.
An engagement is a signal that the couple in on the roadmap towards a wedding which is usually a very strenuous affair. Offering support to the newly engaged couple is also an option especially if the sender is close to the couple getting engaged.
A good way to make one’s wish stand out is to relate it to a relevant memory regarding the couple for instance: ‘The first time I saw you two at college, I knew there was something going on even though you were saying otherwise!’ Such wishes stand out phenomenally as compared to generic ones which come by the dozen.
It is more desirable to write the message by hand. Seeing the person’s handwriting would also add personalization to it with every curve of the letters and every slant. Electronic mails may be more convenient but if it is sent through a post office, it becomes tangible and leaves a deeper impact on the recipient.
If possible, one can also send a bouquet of flowers with the greeting card so that more tangible appreciation can be shown. Effort makes all the difference and creates a deeper emotional sentiment as compared to convenient modes.

Giving Gifts

Although engagements are not usually swamped with gifts, it is advisable to take a small token of congratulation such as a bouquet of flowers, a store gift card or a box of assorted chocolate for the engaged couple. In several cultures, monetary gifts are also considered appropriate.
The Personal Touch

In the modern world where technology looms from every corner of life, electronic mails and text/instant messages are widely used for several occasions. One can resort to the use of an e-card for wishing someone on their engagement or write them an email regarding that subject. However, a handwritten wish will always outweigh an electronic one dude to the time factor and inconvenience that the individual went through to wish the couple on their commitment.
Get Conversational

It is always nice to be conversational rather than sending a single direction message. It adds the tone of casual speech and makes it more relatable for the recipient. Nothing ruins happiness more than a dry, monotonous and generic message.
Make Them Feel Special

Everyone wants their special day to stand out and getting customized, special messages is one of the ways that they get to feel the importance of the day and what it represents for them. So show the ones you care for how much their happiness matters to you and rejoice in their day of happiness. Remember, an engagement is the first stepping stone in the path of spousal life; everybody needs appreciation after their first step!

What to Say in Your Engagement Card?
Handmade cards and their personal touch

For closer relations, handmade cards express charm which printed cards cannot. They show that the individual invested time into making and customizing the wish for the couple with their own hands and skills.

Such cards have much more room for customization and enable the person to create the exact message of what he/she means to say. Printed cards may not contain the best expressions, designs or images for conveying the message that the sender intends to communicate.

We’re all really excited that you’ve taken the next step!! May your future together be a bright and happy one.

All the best

Congratulations with this wonderful commitment to each other. May the lead up to the wedding and beyond be filled with lots of joy and happiness.

Using poetry along with the message in engagement cards

As with Valentine’s Day cards, engagement wishes can also contain poetry and proses which fit the scenario. These can help in beautifying the expression of the message and can add more eloquence to the writing itself.

Poetry tends to be relatable for several couples in one way or another and tends to fall into place with most of what the couple has experienced and what they envision to face in the years to come.

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